What is fooriend?

Delivery only restaurant space in prime location for share.

fooriend is an operation ready central commercial kitchen space in a prime location that allows you to cook at a low cost and deliver to broad customers.

You will get an operation ready and dedicated kitchen in a central commercial kitchen space. As you sign up, we will get all licences and certificates ready for you, as well as set up a food delivery service. So you can start cooking and deliver your food to customers right away.

fooriend kitchen space

*Commercial kitchen example sketch

Why fooriend?

You cook, we take care of everything else.

Low Investment

The minimum investment for opening a restaurant in Toronto is 100K. With fooriend, you can open it for FREE.

Hassle Free

We take care of all the paper works and deal with governments, so you can just focus on cooking.

Professional Support

We provide professional support as you need: customer research, menu design, marketing campaign, even cooking.

Growth Opportunity

You will have opportunities to open multiple locations as your restaurant grow or even a separate storefront with our investment.

Limited 10 Spaces

in downtown Toronto location

  • Your Own Dedicated Kitchen Space
  • Ready for Business from Day One
  • Best Delivery Coverage Location
  • Unlimited Professional Support
  • Opportunity to Grow
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How does fooriend work?

Open a restaurant has never been so easy.

Step 1 - Apply to cook and get accepted
Step 1
Apply to cook and get accepted
Step 2 - Set up your kitchen to make it work for you
Step 2
Set up your kitchen and plan your menu
Step 3 - Start cooking and delivering your food
Step 3
Start cooking and delivering your food
Step 4 - Get paid daily or as scheduled
Step 4
Get paid and cash out anytime you want

"I have always dreamed of opening a reataurant of my own. Cooking food from my grandma's recipes. I couldn't imagine without fooriend how long I'd have to wait for my dream to come true."

- Jonathan

We are opening our first location in downtown Toronto.

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